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Makati, Philippines / 2017

Private Residence, Makati

Makati, Philippines / 2017

Project Info

Using locally-sourced materials, this private modern residence combines a minimalist sensibility with organic forms and Filipino-Asian-inspired details.

Key Info


Under Construction

Year Started


Scope of Work

Concept DesignSchematic DesignDesign Development Construction Assistance

Scope Provided

Architectural DesignInterior DesignLandscape DesignLighting Design

Site Area

2,163 Sqm


Private Residence

Gross Floor Area

840 Sqm

No. of Keys/Rooms

5 bedrooms4 bathrooms


Makati, Philippines

A contemporary interpretation of a courtyard house, the house provides a neutral canvas for sunlight and natural materials to take center stage.

SCSY studio designed a clean, modern and minimalistic architectural canvas for this private residence to accommodate various elements that would reflect the owners’ personalities in a timeless way.

The interior layout and design that follow the architectural direction emphasize liveability, accessibility and flexibility. Touches of Filipino, Asian and Mid-Century-inspired details are subtle but visceral.

Ultimately, the attention is directed to the space itself, which invites natural elements like sunlight to be part of the design.

Working with local items and suppliers in the Philippines, soft forms and accents using materials such as wood, stone, rattan and linen are employed throughout the house. All of the materials and patterns used are inspired by nature.


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